A Beggar took me Shopping!

Manchester City Centre is littered with all sorts of people. Young and vibrant, old and frail, but they have one thing in common; cigarette. Sometimes I can’t get over the sight of old people smoking and drinking. old-man-drinking-whiskey-and-smoking

I begin to wonder to myself how and when they started. Anyway, it’s just something I observe. This is because my eyes catch almost everything I see in Manchester. From the banks, stalls, Starbucks and yeah, that lady that makes every man stare at her a$$ets, minus me that is. I try my best to look away I promise. But I am glad for one thing, summer is kinda over. This means one thing, all the short skirts and bum shorts would be finally kept at home. Welcome, thick jackets!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we would finally be allowed to walk around without the fear of being distracted or missing our bus stops because we can’t stop staring. Just a reminder, I do not stare, or I try not to.

Clears throat! Back to the main topic. So one thing I have also noticed about Manchester is the beggars. Please, I am not trying to disrespect or look down on anyone. I just didn’t know how else to describe this person. So someone walks up to you and says, ‘‘Can you spare some change please? I need something to drink’’ and the awkward thing is this. You’re also about to get a drink and then you invite this person over.

Now he sees this as the perfect opportunity to tell you about how empty his fridge is. Are you kidding me?! I thought all you needed was a drink?real-hunger-gamesAfter much reluctance, we head to the grocery store. I think saying he was like a kid in a candy store would be a massive understatement. He grabbed a basket and began glancing at each shelf. Tomato, curry, vegetable, mushroom and then stole a glance at me. As if to say, ‘‘Can I have them please? I couldn’t believe my eyes. He began to walk to the frozen foods aisle and went for some chicken even after grabbing some mushrooms, vegetables and other things I can’t quite remember.

The only way to escape was to ask him to walk over. He knew this was the end of his adventure and grabbed a bag of crisps for the road. Aaarghh!!


Payment made, beggar satisfied, thank you very much!

Yes, he took me shopping, but I ended up paying.


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