I normally don’t do this, but sometimes, we have to break the norm and go with the flow. After all, rules are also meant to be broken. Tonight is a night I would always remember because of the honesty of the discussion and also the truth that oozed out of it and the fact that it made me remember a conversation which I had last year, both with girls.

The fantastic conversation I had tonight is based on how some people cannot be patient and appreciate what they have at the moment but rather, they want to chase shadows in the name of material things.

We stood on the spot for more than 15 mins and I was engrossed in this conversation, and didn’t know that time was far spent. Some people can’t just wait and be patient with their boyfriends because they are just interested in what they can get. All of a sudden, they become uncomfortable in their relationship and they want to see what the other side looks because they feel that the grass is greener.

This person I would call Miss S, spoke in detail and shared her experience like no other and how she loves her present boyfriend despite not having anything and how he would go the extra mile to sacrifice what he has no matter how little and she still appreciates him.

They are in a long distant relationship and they are trying to make it work despite the fact that it’s a young relationship. She obviously is happy but the distance can be very challenging but what has sustained them thus far is the patience which she has and also the fact that she would wait because she knows that things would get better.

Enter the second the person who I would called Miss A. I met this person last year and it was an eye opening experience. She is more or less like this other person. They are both deeply entrenched and rooted in their Christian life, they love God and they are so passionate about his work.

But there is a striking dissimilarity between them! I was really shocked when Miss A uttered a statement to me when we had diner over at her place. As is always the case, boys would talk about girls and vice-versa.

In this case, I was the only guy so it was their hunting ground and I had to defend men in this situation. The conversation became more interesting, then we talked about pre-marital sex and keeping yourself chaste till marriage and we quickly moved to some other topic because there was obviously some awkwardness about the topic at that point.

Now, this is where Miss A hit me… when she said ”I can’t date a guy with prospects”  BOOM!!! and she gave her reasons. It was simply because prospects won’t be responsible for the bills, prospects won’t send my kids to school, prospects won’t get us a good and comfortable life etc. I couldn’t believe my ears and what she had uttered.

I respect her freedom of opinion, but coming from her, it was shocking to say the least. My mind went back again to stories that I had heard about and when our mothers married our fathers despite the fact they didn’t have anything; our mothers married our fathers even though they had no idea where the next meal would come from, our mothers married our fathers even when they were not well educated but they WAITED because they knew that he wasn’t going to be like that forever.

I am not against women choosing who they want to marry and whether they want him to have built mansions in the sky; but I am glad that we have a few people that are willing to weather the storm and stick with the people that they love. This is for everyone.



4 thoughts on “Waiting!!!

  1. Lol I’m enjoying these AMA read all your posts. I for one do not want a gurl who would marry me becoz she thinks av gat prospects. If a gurl marry you becoz of prospects believe me if the prospects she saw then happens to be a fluke she will either destroy that relationship or frustrate it. Neither is it intelligent to marry a guy becoz of Wat he has becoz if the above happens she will regret. The first thing a girl should consider is “DOES DIS GUY COMPLETES ME”, DO I COMPLETE HIM” note that there should be no management here. If they complete each other, even if the guy goes from “GRACE TO GRASS” logic tells me two heads will join immediately to tackle this. Believe me I respect women a lot because they wield so much power to do / change situations buh it’s a pity most of them don’t even know this. Most believe dat the guy should be the provider of eeeeery thing nd where this fails the man is useless. I will have to stop coz if I av to go on ………..

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