The Perfect Woman

As much as women always wait for their Mr RIGHT, men have also searched for the perfect woman. So many women have gone down in history as the most beautiful women of their time from Cleopatra who’s beauty couldn’t keep my man Caesar in check and Nefertiti who was also known for her outstanding beauty.

I dare to say that these women were perfect; not lacking in anything whatsoever. They were beautiful, powerful, wealthy and had the world under their control at some point. History, however is not going to be fair to them as they are just topics of history in the class room.

I don’t have a definition of a perfect woman because I know that every woman is unique and special  in her unique and special way LOL!! However, I just imagined that if a woman could possess all the attributes  I would state now, maybe; just maybe we would have the perfect woman.

Hardwork ethics of an African Woman

The perfect woman would want to have the strength of an African woman. African women are so strong and anything to say less than this would be an injustice to the innate strength that African women posses.

Beauty of a Venezuelan or Indian Woman

I just couldn’t pick from these two. From the miss world record, they appear to have the highest wins so I would stick with this and say that Indian and Venezuelan women are the most beautiful in the world. Imagine a woman having a mixture of these nationalities as her parents? *swallows saliva*

Hair of a Brazilian or Indian Woman 

Hehehe!!! What is strength and beauty without lovely hair? After all, it is the crowning glory of a woman. (I sabi my bible sha). For ladies to use hair from that side of the world and how expensive and popular it has become, there must be something about this hair. *puzzled look*

Independence of an American Woman

All the ladies independent throw your hands up at me *beyonce’s voice* American women are all about independence and it is not a coincidence that Beyonce sang a song for them and how they can be single mum’s or don’t need men in their lives. To a certain extent, it is true. But I would end here because I don’t want to sound sexist and incur the wrath of some people.

Belly dance like Indian women

This one is tough because so many countries across the world have belly dancers but I would stick with the Indians because of the movies I have seen. So brothers; if she can belly dance like an Indian, then she is the one. *straight face*

Sexy like South American Women

Maybe God took his time to create South Americans because there is something about them. They have this stuff that I don’t just understand. The list is endless; Eva Mendes, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Sofia Vergara if I continue listing them, I wont finish this at all. They are super-duper sexy and I’m sure ladies also agree with me. Let us appreciate sexy when we see it please.

Cooks like my mother

I don’t mean to brag; but my mother is the best cook in the world for the purpose of this that I am writing oh. You don’t expect me to put another person’s mother do you? If she has all these qualities and she doesn’t cook like my mum, then she is almost perfect. *bite me*


Last but not the least is this word. I’m afraid a lot of people lack this and it is true. What is Brazilian hair, Indian belly dancing, an African womans hard work ethic, South American sexiness, American independence and Indian and Venezuelan beauty (apart from cooking sha) without intelligence? ZERO!! In my opinion, this is the most important quality that a woman should possess. She would stand out anywhere and everywhere regardless of these other qualities.


This is my personal opinion and I’m sure you may have differing views as to what a perfect woman should posses.



6 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman

  1. I love this ken buh sometyms I think it’s almost rare to find breeds that actually possess all. It’s either theyll av all and miss intelligence or they have intelligence and miss the rest

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