It’s raining cats and dogs outside the COZA church, and Tinuke is really drenched. She wonders to herself if God is taking a shower up there. She looks up and shouts; ”reduce it please I want to go home” and the sky rumbles as if to silence her. She gets the message and appreciates the rain. Beside her at the bus stop is a young boy who kept staring at her lustfully; no doubt, she was endowed. An African woman with a white shirt on a rainy was a major turn on. She couldn’t hide all what God had blessed her with from this young man. Luckily for her, her bus comes before he satisfied his lustful desire.

The ride home was filled with bumps and the noise from the wiper scratching the wind screen did not help matters at all. It was going to be a long ride home she thought to herself. The woman beside her was trying to get her baby to accept his food but he wouldn’t budge. She tried all her best to get her eyes off her breasts, but Tinuke hadn’t seen any that big before. With every chance she had, she stole a quick glance and when the woman notices, she quickly takes her eyes away, forming activity as she rolls her hair in the fingers.

The bus stops to pick up more passengers and this ride home got more dramatic. The bus conductor started to collect the bus fares. Tinuke had to make way for a disabled man who took eternity in getting into the bus.

Unlike the United Kingdom where she studied for her undergraduate degree, the bus which she was in never had provision for people like this. The conductor sensing that it was going to take forever, decided to carry this burden by lifting this man into the bus himself and he placed him just beside Tinuke. Sandwiched between a lactating mother and disabled man, it was just the beginning of her woes.

Madam, the crippled man said, in vernacular, ”Ya perfume get nice scent o”. She muttered some words which sounded like thank you. The disabled man tried to initiate a conversation with Tinuke but she wasn’t interested. This didn’t stop him from talking as he started with how he got disabled because he fought the war in Liberia where he stepped on a landmine.

Tinuke could only think about home and how she was going to make sweet love to her husband when she gets home. The weather was perfect, it was a Friday evening and he had just returned from Paris. She begins to fantasise about the naughty things she was going to do to him. She remembers the purple lingerie which she bought from the store at Ceddi Plaza. She thinks to herself ”I’m going to be bad girl tonight”.

The bus stops again to drop more passengers and this time the pregnant woman alights from the bus. It was sort of a substitution and the night couldn’t have got any worse. This time around, a fat man replaced the pregnant woman and Tinuke had to make way for the man to come in.

As if the night couldn’t get any worse, Tinuke was stuck with this man for the next 15mins because nobody had come down from the bus at all. He smelt like a poultry farm she thought to herself and she started to imagine if this was the kind of person she was going to meet at home, she would rather be a nun for the rest of her life.

Her ideal man was just Femi. His six packs were on point, his chest was well sculptured, his arms were not too big but they were strong enough to carry her. This man gave her many more reasons to appreciate her man.

She noticed the sign board that said ”DO NOT URINATE HERE VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED”. In her loudest voice, she yells ”na my stop be this”. The bus grinds to a halt and she is finding difficulties coming down and she eventually gets down from the bus.

She walks into her estate and the security man is asleep and she’s thankful that the rain has reduced. The neighbours had their generator on and the church in the estate was holding a night vigil and this was pleasant; she thinks to herself; nobody would hear my moaning tonight.

Approaching the black gate, she takes off her 6inch heels after a stressful walk from the gate. She presses the bell and the gate man takes time to respond; she presses the bell again and Ahmed comes to open the gate. ”Good Evening Madam”, he greets her; and she nods. Tinuke takes a look at the garage and she sees Femi’s Range Rover Sport parked and she feels so excited about the night.

She walks into the house quietly and heads to the guest room to take a shower. Tinuke was ready for action tonight. She put on a see through leopard skin robe and her purple lingerie like a cat waiting to prowl. She walked up the staircase slowly and goes straight into her bedroom. To her amazement, Femi was in a compromising position. Dapo and Femi were on a Mission and on a scale of 1-100, they had scored  a 69.

Femi is also as Good As You!!!


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