It’s a beautiful sunny day in the month of May, the birds are chirping as they sit on the tree branches, the weather is slightly cool and hot at the same time as if mother nature released both to wrestle for supremacy that morning.

Narrating this ordeal, comes natural to me as a source of pain and worry to the one who brought me forth. They say a one eyed man is King in the land of the blind. There is a king in this town and his line shines bright in my face yet so dim in the midst of darkness that looms in this town. I was in darkness for 9 months and this seemed like bliss for me because I was in a world of my own; no worries, just noise from the outside.

I was so comfortable and all I could feel was warmth around me and all I could hear was the sound from outside and this became so unbearable and all I could give was a kick and a punch as if to say ”STOP THAT RACKET”. I was the king of this lonely world, thinking I was going to be here for the rest of my life. I was oblivious of the fact that there was a tariff period for me before my release from this world.

It never occurred to me and the time drew nigh. Suddenly, something awkward was happening in my world as it started to feel so dry and this was very weird to me. I started hearing loud voices and this time, it was very close to my ears and they kept saying the same words for a long period of time and I thought to myself; ”what is going on out there?”

I wasn’t in control of this situation as I tried to fight back with countless kicks and punches. I wrapped my legs around this rope that was always on my stomach to make it difficult to escape this paradise. ”Oh my kingdom”, I said to myself. The king within me struggled to keep his kingdom, but they were far too powerful for me. They had breached my fortress and all my struggle didn’t pay off after all. There he was; the one eyed man as he brought my face out of this peaceful world and out I was into this foreign country.

I needed no Visa to be allowed and I was now moved from being a citizen in my own world, and to being a foreigner into another. The stench that welcomed me was unbearable; the noise was so loud that I could feel my ear drums hurt and they kept screaming the same thing and speaking a foreign language that I couldn’t comprehend and the only light I could see was that of a mobile phone pointing directly at my face.

This room was so hot and I saw a strange looking black creature at the corner of the room chewing something green and I knew immediately that I wanted to go back inside as this world didn’t feel too comfortable and after a hard and painful spank, I let out a loud cry.

I was immediately wrapped into a smelly piece of damp cloth and then placed into the arms of a stranger and all of a sudden, a feeling of calm overwhelmed me immediately our bodies met. The warmth and softness of this stranger’s body was better than what I felt inside my own world, and little did I know that this stranger had more in store for me.

This stranger put something blackish inside my mouth immediately, and this tasted so good that I didn’t want to leave this stranger at all and I decided that with this stranger in my life and with this black thing in my mouth, this new world would be a very good place to be.

I already love this stranger and I am here to stay; I said to myself. I closed my eyes and I said to myself


Dedicated to all mothers.


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